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Character Trait for September



Good people  you can trust. They are

honest; they tell the truth. They are brave enough

to do good things, even when people want them to do

bad things. They keep promises; if they say they’ll

do something, they do it. They say and do good things

for their families and friends; they are loyal.

Good people do the right thing, even if when doing

or saying the right thing

causes them to lose friends, opportunities or money.

Synonyms:  Trust, confidence, faithful, assurance, reliable, believable, etc.


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A Message from the Principal


Welcome to  2016-2017 School Year


The mission of Roma Middle School, through a partnership of students, families, staff and community, is to ensure that every student has the skills to build a strong social and academic foundation, in order to transition into a successful high school student and responsible member of society.  Roma Middle School's environment of trust and mutual respect for all people reflects our beliefs that all students can learn.  We are committed to promoting a positive learning atmosphere that builds self-esteem and empowers all students to reach their maximum potential.  With rigorous and varied academic standards, we will work together as a team to prepare our students as productive citizens and help develop their personal commitment to lifelong learning.


Roma Middle School will continue to be an exceptional learning community where all opinions and ideas are welcomed and valued.  Through collaboration and high expectations, we will work towards continuous growth, creating a safe and innovative environment that upholds a reputation of excellence and good character.  By integrating Citizenship, Responsibility, Respect, Self-Leadership, Perseverance and Honesty, our students will transition into independent learners and productive members of society.